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DIY Christmas Crackers

You can make your own Christmas Crackers. And you can get them to break in the middle, just like the pictures!

Here's what you need:

  • Cardboard tubes for the inners. They could be toilet rolls, or kitchen roll tubes, maybe a long packing roll that you have - you can cut into smaller rolls. Think about the prsents that you want to put inside. The roll is the limiting size factor, so a bigger roll = a bigger present! I rather like my bamboo toilet rolls, they are a bit stronger. And you ideally need two extras, to help roll the crackers into shape. Although they don't have to be full length, so 1 extra cut in half would do.

  • Some colourful paper to wrap around the outside. This should be plastic free paper - why? Because the plasticised paper won't tear easily. You will be having a tug of war with your cracker partner! Whilst in the past years it has actually been quite hard to find non plasticised wrapping paper, I am delighted that it is back more prominently this year - look for eco-credentials and ditch the plastic.

  • Cracker snaps. These are definately optional. Some people (and pets) really don't like the bangs and noise. So you do not have to put these in. If you wish to, they can be purchased cheaply online, although you may have to buy enough for 10 years worth of cracker making! Or maybe you have big parties.....

  • A hat and a joke. Make your own hats out of tissue paper, cut a strip into a crown. Write out your very best cracker jokes on slips of paper - they need to be real groaners!

  • A present. Well this is what it is all about. Make sure your present will fit inside the tube that you are using. Probably best to avoid very delicate items as they will likely fall out when you pull the cracker.

  • String, ribbon or glittery thread

  • A sheet of A4 cartridge paper for each cracker - I use this to strengthen the paper in the areas where I don't want it to break. But you can leave this out if you don't have any.

  • Some pva glue and a brush to apply it.

  • Scissors, ruler and pencil, craft knife

Having got all of this together, watch the video below - it will take you through each step of the making process.

Have a Cracking Christmas!

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