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Say Hello to Freddie Fox

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hello, my name is Freddie fox, and I am one of The Yarn Genie's animals. I have a whole collection of foxy products that you can knit, as well as me!

I live in a big stately home, and I love to invite my friends to tea. Most days, I go to work as a lawyer. Sometimes this is not always the most fun, so I entertain myself on the weekends by hosting BIG parties! They are so much fun!

I had an adventure last week; shall I tell you what happened?

I was getting ready for a party, and decided I would try my hand at making some chocolate chip cookies.

Well, I got out a recipe, and started to be creative. It was going amazingly, until I got out the chocolate chips.

Now, it has been very hot where I am this week, so the chocolate was a bit melted! I was carrying the bowl of chocolate, and someone must have left something on the floor, as I tripped and spilt the chocolate all down my nice, clean, smart clothes! Oops! I was not feeling at all happy as I left the kitchen to find some clean clothes. But as I walked into the hall, an early guest was sitting awkwardly on a seat at the edge of the hall. As soon as they saw me, their face lit up, and they handed me a package. I opened the package and out fell a brand-new set of very well knitted new clothes! I was very happy!

You could also be a very nice guest and knit a set of clothes for your Freddie Fox.

by Freddie Fox and Amélie

(Patterns for Freddie, friends and clothes are in our shop x)

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