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This listing is for a pdf pattern for a knitted unicorn toy. It is inspired by the style of Steiner Waldorf toys and is knitted flat and sewn up. 



Two sizes are included for the unicorn pattern, small and large. The unicorn can be made in any yarn that you choose. Depending on the size of needles that you use, your unicorn will vary in size. As a rough guide, using aran yarn, 5mm needles and the large size pattern will produce a unicorn about 26cm high, and using double knitting yarn, 4mm needles and the small size pattern will produce a unicorn about 15cm high. 



The amount of yarn required will vary according to the pattern size used and the thickness of yarn/needles that you are using. A small unicorn in DK yarn will use approx 25g, for an aran weight you will need approx 60g. Use a smaller needle than recommended for the yarn that you are using, this will keep the knitted fabric tight and avoid the stuffing showing through. If unsure, knit half a test leg, and stuff firmly – does it hold the stuffing well? Adjust needle size accordingly (smaller to make tighter fabric, larger to make looser fabric).


The pattern knits the unicorn in 3 separate parts, then these are stitched together and stuffed to create a unicorn that is firm enough to stand or sit unaided. The mane and tail are made with yarn scraps. You can add facial features if you wish but we haven’t done this, in keeping with the Waldorf style.



This is not just a knitting pattern, it is a 23 page project book! It contains full instructions on how to knit the unicorn and also detailed descriptions of how to follow the directions as well as sections of techniques used with pictures and step by step instructions. Great for novice knitters, or if you just need a bit of extra help. But it still works for experienced knitters!

KNITTING PATTERN: Waldorf inspired Unicorn Softie Toy.

  • This is not a physical product
    This is a digital download file of 20+ pages
    You will be able to download your pattern immediately on purchase.  Your confirmation email will contain the download links.

  • This pattern, along with the images and descriptions on this listing, remain the property of The Yarn Genie. This pattern is intended for your personal use only.

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