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A lovely kit to make an individual window star (also known as Waldorf Window Star). 

Each kit is individually packaged, so these can be used as gifts or stocking fillers.


In each you will receive the square sheets (10cm square) of transparent paper that are required to make your selected window star. The envelope unfolds to an instruction sheet which gives you precise instructions and pictures to show you how to fold each sheet of paper and to assemble the star.  


You will also need a small amount of glue (transparent drying e.g. modge podge or pva) and a tiny piece of tac to secure your star to the window.


Stars look best when attahed to a window withthe light behind.  Look through the star to see the patterns contained within. Stars create a beautiful decorative effect within your room.


There are 8 stars in the series. You can purchase each star individually. The stars look great together, or perhaps just one in each window?

Some are a little simpler than others - Try the red and yellow for starters, then green, rainbow and pink.  Orange, blue and dark green require more folding with acuracy.  They are an accessible craft for all ages, create them together and help each other. A lovely multi-generational activity.

KIT to make Window stars, Waldorf stars let the light shine through

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