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KIT to make 6 Froebel stars.


All of the paper strips you need to make 2x white, 2x red, 1x gold and 1x silver stars.  The red and white can be mixed to make single colour or multicolour stars.  Gold and silver are metallic paper, makes a very shiny star!

All paper strips are from quality paper, 1.5cm wide and 45cm in length. They are laser cut for accuracy and will make superb, even stars.


The kit comes packed in am attractive printed envelope which makes a lovely gift (but do get one for yourself as well! - you won't regret it). There is a link to the full instructions of how to make these beautiful and fascinating stars.  The instructions are mostly in video format, broken into small chunks to make sure that you have successfully completed each step before moving onto the next stage.


Made stars can be used as decorative objects or hanging decorations - thread them with beads and bells to hang on a tree, or on a present.

Whilst they are quite Christmassy, there is no reason why they cannot be used all year round.  Once you have the hang of making them, they can be quite addictive!  Do send me an email if you want to buy more paper strips. (you can cut your own of course, but the best stars come from even and accurately cut strips).


KIT to make 6 Froebel stars. Paper strips, link to FULL video instructions

  • The Yarn Genies want you to get the very best results from your craft kits. We like to encourage multi-generational crafting.  These kits are great to work on together with everyone contributing to the final result. All that you need is here and we hope that you will learn together. 

    The magic of crafting is not just in the final product but in the laughter, learning and love shared between parent and child throughout the creative journey.

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