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KIT to cut paper snowflakes into beautiful 6 pointed designs.


The templates will show you how to cut each of these snowflake designs.

The kit contains:

Full instructions on how to fold and cut your paper

10 sheets of white semi transparent paper for mounting on the window

Angle guide to aid folding the 6 pointed shape

Template of 7 cutting plans


The kit comes in a eco friendly handmade printed envelope. It is an ideal gift.

KIT to cut paper snowflakes. Paper and cutting templates

  • The Yarn Genies want you to get the very best results from your craft kits. We like to encourage multi-generational crafting.  These kits are great to work on together with everyone contributing to the final result. All that you need is here and we hope that you will learn together. 

    The magic of crafting is not just in the final product but in the laughter, learning and love shared between parent and child throughout the creative journey.

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